Thursday, March 24, 2011

progress despite sabotage attempts

Here's the promised blanket update with three more rows. I am loving it and my random wool selection seems to be turning out quite nicely. It does mean that some rows are slightly wider than others (because my wools are slightly different thicknesses) but I'm OK with that. I predict I'll spot a new flaw every day, and every day I'll say, "I'm OK with that." It must be hard being a perfectionist, but I really wouldn't know! Strangely, people who know me probably would describe me as a perfectionist (or more likely a fusspot) but that feature of my personality doesn't seem to apply to crochet, thank goodness.
These two are really the only thing making crochet difficult now, as I'm having to concentrate hard on not crocheting in too many cat hairs. If they're not trying to eat the wool as I wrap it round the hook, they're trying to curl up and go to sleep on the blanket as I make it. Yesterday Lola (the white one at the front) came and sat on my lap as I was crocheting, so I leant back and held the blanket higher up. Unfortunately, this meant there was an opening for Poppy (the black one at the back) to lie across my tummy, so I ended up lying flat on my back underneath two cats, working the crochet right under my chin. Not ideal! This was the sight when I was getting ready to leave for work yesterday. Lola had discovered my bag of wool and made it into a cosy pillow for herself. Cute, yes, but oh so hairy! I hope this blanket survives to the end...

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