Saturday, March 26, 2011

vital statistics of a cockney half-hour

Did you know that each episode of EastEnders costs the BBC 1.75p per viewer? That was the fascinating fact that I discovered via the wonders of the internet this morning and I felt compelled to share it for some reason...

These are all the EastEnders products I have left in my shop now. I feel like a charlatan selling these since I still am not back to watching EastEnders - not a single episode since 2010, though I did watch about 20 minutes of the omnibus one day. Sheesh! I hear Dot is having (or about to have?) a bad time. This almost tempts me to watch as I know June Brown will be getting lots of screen time, but I'd rather Dot was having a good time, or at least a comedy bad time, so I will continue to stay away for now.

No crochet update today. Rows have been completed, but I need to prove to myself and my loved ones that there is something other than crochet in my life. The addiction is becoming serious and is affecting my personal life. I think I should (and will) force myself to leave the house this afternoon in an attempt to shake off this grey cloud that's bobbing around my ears and eyebrows. Perhaps a visit to the supermarket and some cooking for the freezer is what I should do? My life is lacking any sensible routine at the moment. I just work strange/long hours, read on the underground, watch the odd movie* with Graham and crochet/sleep the rest of the time. Our cupboards are officially bare and out freezer is officially empty. My nails are splitting, which can't be a good sign. Protein here I come!

* Talking of watching films, I've seen some good ones lately. I would definitely recommend Submarine, Taxidermia and Catfish. Taxidermia is a weird one, mind you, and not for the faint-hearted (or for people who like a clear plot and being able to understand what is going on in a film) but I liked it a lot.


  1. ohhh, i cant wait to see submarine. my boyfriend is a projectionist at the local cinema so we get to see them for free.
    the giveaway that you so kindly sent arrived the other day and it really cheered me up. thankyou!
    i'll blog about it very soon.

  2. Glad your winnings arrived safely :) Submarine was so good. Just totally enjoyable from start to finish. Hope you like it! I'm quite excited/jealous at the idea of a projectionist boyfriend... May his film never catch fire!


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