Monday, March 28, 2011

best laid plans...

I'll put a photo of the cats cuddling (which they've been doing a lot of lately) here as a buffer, but beyond that things will be getting grisly...
So just as I pressed "publish" on that last post where I predicted a pleasantly lazy afternoon ahead, I heard a smash and a loud swear word coming from the other room where Graham has been doing some decorating this week. "Oh no. Graham has broken the window," I thought. The next minute Graham appeared holding his arm and dripping blood everywhere. Eep!
He had wobbled on the ladder, put his hand out to steady himself and somehow managed to put his hand right through the glass. I have to confess my first aid skills pretty much deserted me. I managed to remember pressure, padding, position, but couldn't quite turn that phrase into an action and I cursed myself for having absolutely nothing resembling a first aid kit. Thankfully we had a roll of kitchen roll (purchased when Graham sent a tin of molten candle wax flying across the living room carpet last week - he's a little accident prone these days...) which we used to stop the bleeding.
Since it appeared he had narrowly avoided going through a major artery, Graham was quite up for putting on a plaster and getting back to work, but since I could see through to his layer of fat and beyond (I am not kidding - see scientific diagram above!) I persuaded him that it might be an idea to get the wound checked out.

So rather than chilling out around the house, keeping busy doing nothing, we spent the whole afternoon in accident and emergency. I managed to grab my crochet to keep me occupied, but in my panic only grabbed one ball of wool, so had to stop after one stripe. I spent the rest of the time trying to remember how to do granny squares and kind of did, which was a nice surprise. Anyway, enough about the crochet! (Told you my addiction was becoming a problem.) After waiting for an hour or two, Graham was X-rayed for glass remnants, stitched back together (they opted for those sticky paper stitches at the last minute, which came as some relief to Graham and I who have never had real stitches before) and bandaged up. He'll be like this for the next four days. Poor Graham! He was really very brave about it and even managed a trip to the supermarket on the way back from A&E. My hero! ♥

So no more climbing up ladders and wielding paintbrushes for him and no more chillaxing for me. At least not until the insurance company sends round the man with our new pane of glass...


  1. Eeeeeek! And ouch! And eeeeeek some more. Hope Graham feels better soon.

  2. I think he's a bit better already. He wanted to watch a nasty zombie film tonight and seems to be revelling in the blood and guts, so obviously he's not too traumatised!

  3. Urgh - awful! Once John did a similar thing to the top of his head (big chunk missing, lots of blood). When we went to the walk-in clinic it quickly became apparent that they thought I'd inflicted the damage in some kind of domestic! John said all he wanted to do was shout,'I'd never let a girl hit me!' ;-) Loving the ripple blanket by the way - can't wait to see it finished x

  4. Goodness, I never considered they could have seen me as a suspect! Thanks for the ripple blanket love. It is gaining fans everywhere it goes :)


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