Friday, April 1, 2011

new ways to spend pennies

Oh, it's Friday. Thank crunchy Crunchies for that - I am pooped! And thank flaky Flakes I am off all weekend too. Yippee! This means I shall be able to take a daylight photo of the ripple blanket to share. I think you'll find it has grown a lot. I have crocheted through every single lunch break this week and the blanket's work-based fan base continues to grow almost as fast as the blanket itself. This baby blanket ain't no baby. But more about the crochet tomorrow.

Top crafty news of the day is the Made In The Shade have finally opened their online shop, so those of you not lucky enough to be based in the wonder that is Glasgow can share/buy/covet some of the wonderful items that are available in the bricks-and-mortar Maisonette. You can see my acorn brooches in the photo above (I don't think there's ever been a prettier picture of something I've made) although I'm not sure that any of my goods are listed in the shop just yet. There's loads of lovely stuff made by people who are not me though, like this lovely owl brooch that I sent to my sister at Christmas time. Go and check out the loveliness if you think your purse strings (or willpower) can take it.

Someone asked me today if my water was back and made me realise I never resolved that top/tragic story for you. I know you'll all have been waiting with bated breath, but in actual fact, our water returned just a couple of hours after I posted about it. I still don't know why the water was off in the first place, but I'm sure you'll all be pleased to know that I have not been wandering around like the great unwashed all week (though my hair has been curiously grubby-looking) and the cats no longer look mournfully at dry taps. Sorted!

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