Sunday, April 24, 2011

the ripple blanket is finished!

Ta-da! I finished the ripple blanket this afternoon! (Just to clarify, this IS the exciting news I promised, believe it or not...) I realised I'd only ever shown the blanket in progress on a white background, so you probably don't know what size it is. Here I am holding it for scale. Pretty big, huh? It really wasn't intentional, but I'm quite happy that it will be the sort of blanket a baby could lie on or share with its mum. This is not the end of crochet for me. I'm brewing a few ideas of different ways to use it on a slightly smaller scale. Exciting times! (For me.)
I've been making a little animation of the blanket as I went. Yes, I have been truly obsessed. The animation is a little wonky (a.k.a. shoddy!) but it's true to life, showing the varying degrees of light etc. as the blanket progressed. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Next time I crochet a blanket this big I will weave the ends in as I go. It took me three hours to do that this afternoon! It did leave a rather pleasing pile of wool scraps though. This blanket has given me a definite love of bright and clashing colours.
Loathe to tidy up, I was playing with some of the scraps once I'd finished and did a bit of macrame. I liked the way it turned out and have a little plan for this... Garish wool is obviously my new medium of choice :)

And would you believe that this post ticks off three of my craftathon 2011 crafts? There's animation, crochet and macrame. More of all of these to come before the year is out, I hope.

Now we just have to wait for the blanket's owner to be born. Five months and counting. I'm far too organised...


  1. Aww Laura, please make that animation into a screen saver! I think it's rapid ripples would have me itching to get back to the poot-poot and so some WORK! Go clashing colours!!

  2. It is a bit much, isn't it? I originally had the animation at the top of this post but it was already driving me crazy by the time I hit "publish" so I moved it down a bit to soften the blow! I had been mega excited about the animation and am a bit disappointed in how it turned out, eye-popping though it is. I'm still super-duper in love with the blanket though, which is the main thing :)

  3. Aw, thanks :) I would so love to keep it...

  4. that is amazing! and huge! love the animation too!

  5. Thanks :) My mum was just on the phone and asked me if it was a cot blanket or a pram blanket. "'s more of a yoga mat." I hope the baby is not overwhelmed by its size!

  6. Oh, this is fab! I definitely want to try a ripple blanket next... so many nice crochet patterns, so little time!!

  7. Thank you :) I want to make another ripple blanket, but I'm trying to teach myself to crochet circles and make a multicoloured blanket of circles instead. I think crochet alone would definitely be enough to fill an entire life of crafting. Have fun!


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