Sunday, April 24, 2011

no scotch eggs

Sorry to bombard you with my over-sized head. As predicted in the last post, veggie scotch eggs were sold out. I could have cried (Graham was visibly relieved!) but bravely went ahead with the picnic anyway :( I was cheered up to find salt and shake crisps. They tasted just as rubbish as I remembered - one very salty crisp and lots of totally tasteless ones - but were still worth it. I got so excited when I saw the little navy blue salt packet!
I dined with Serge, who would never be seen without his shades and baguette. (Je suis tres desole, Serge!)
After copious amounts of sausage rolls, bread, cheese, cake, crisps, creme eggs and ginger beer, we took our swollen tummies for a wee wander around the glass houses to marvel at fish and plants.
I love the succulents.
They remind me of spirographs.
I especially like really fat fleshy ones like these.
I think I should get some for the flat. Could I keep them alive? I do not have very green fingers.

Since I got home... Well, that is for another post, but suffice to say I have some very exciting news! No, I'm not publishing a book. That's always the exciting news of craft bloggers, isn't it? Yawn. (Don't mind me, I'm just really jealous. No, really!) Anyway, it's not news on that scale, but I am excited about it, so I'm off to prepare the photographs and then I'll be back to tell all. Yippee! I bet you can guess if you think about it...


  1. Bugger, I was wondering what those veggie scotch eggs were going to taste like :-)

  2. Do not fret - veggie scotch eggs will be mine one day! And I'll be sure to let you know how it goes :)


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