Thursday, April 14, 2011

not good enough... good enough!

"Not good enough!" is the phrase rattling around my brain this morning. I'm doing my best to fight it off and I thought sharing this treasury from a few weeks ago might help boost my morale as I was so pleased when I saw it. There's my Big Daddy lavender bags sitting pretty amongst lots of things that I love, love, love, which is a very nice feeling indeed.

The creator of this treasury also makes things that I love and that would help kick the butts of those "Not good enough!" monsters. Check this out!

The Instant Comfort Pocket Box! What a lovely idea, huh? I do indeed feel better already :)

Right, off to make some more bunting in a box and remind myself that someone favourited it overnight, which I can take as proof that it is NOT not good enough. Hmm, but before I go, it's kind of interesting how much your crafty self-esteem can be boosted/dented by comments and favourites/lack of comments and favourites, I think. Does it really matter? Here's a nice recent post about that from handmade romance who, coincidentally, is maker of one of the things I love in that treasury up there.

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