Saturday, April 9, 2011

here comes the sun

Phew, it's a scorcher today! I went out with a light jacket on and had to take it off due to overheating. After a trip into town, I am sweating like the proverbial and fancy sitting on a park bench eating a fruit pastille ice lolly. Mmmm! What I am actually doing is eating a big grill-up (our healthier version of a weekend fry-up) and slaving over a hot iron, making more bunting in a box for a big order. Well, could be worse, I reckon. I got some very exciting fabric bundles in town just there. I swear Mandors is on a mission to bankrupt me by the time I'm 40 - so much gorgeous stuff! Once I've had my grill-up I'll take a photo and pop back to share. I managed to resist going too wild in the fabric aisles, but now I just want to go back and get more. I think perhaps I might...

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