Tuesday, April 19, 2011

down at the pool

This is the view from my favourite changing cubicle at the swimming pool where I have spent the past two mornings. As you can see, my swimming pool is a bit shabby round the edges, but in many ways is quite beautiful.
Most of the graffiti is not too pleasant (lots of young team shenanigans - sheesh!) but I didn't mind this wee scrawl so much yesterday. Polar bears are cool, after all.
It's been very nice to swim in the middle lane underneath the glass panels in the roof this week. The sunshine has been pouring in, making my back nice and warm and the water prettily patterned.
I do wish I could take some photos of the actual pool. Now that I can swim in my contact lenses, I see all sorts of great stuff that I would love to share.

These are some of the things I have seen just recently:

A Chinese lady in a pretty stripy, stripy swimming suit giving her husband a shoulder massage. He liked it.

A blind lady swimming up and down in dark goggles. She had over a third of the pool to herself (so that she wouldn't swim into anyone, I suppose) while the rest of us were squeezed into the remaining two thirds, trying not to kick each other too much.

A tidal wave coming over my head and making me cough and splutter after an elderly man belly-flopped into the deep end.

A young Glaswegian boy and an old Chinese man making friends even though the man didn't seem to speak English. They used hand gestures to make up new swimming strokes and then raced each other.

A very overweight lady who had a special dress to swim in.

Old men scrubbing each other's backs in the showers and shouting, "We're not gay! We're not gay!" as they did it.

Towels hanging on the fire exit rail underneath a sign saying not to hang towels on the fire exit rail.

Lots of tattoos.

A girl bossing her friend around, trying to teach her to dive without splashing.

The bossy girl's friend belly-flopping repeatedly.

A man wearing safety goggles and a clothes peg on his nose. He looked like he had raided his shed before he came to the pool.


  1. Sounds like you have very entertaining mornings :-)

  2. Yes, that is one benefit of late shifts! :)

  3. this post really made me chuckle.
    and i think that the swimming pool you go to looks amasing

  4. Yes, it does have some really nice features and mould can be quite endearing when it's on the roof and not in the showers! Ironically, the mouldy showers are the ones attached to the steam room that you have to pay extra for the privilege of using.

    Been meaning to get in touch to let you know that I saw your goodies arriving at the Maisonette when I was in the other day and the looked fantastic! It was really nice to see them in real life :) I should pop over and tell you this on your own blog though - will do that now.


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