Thursday, April 14, 2011


I've got a date with a hot man and a whole load of charity shops tomorrow and I can't wait! I was busy looking forward to it (while cleaning the bathroom - I do like to multitask, you know) when I remembered that I took this photo in the changing room of one of my favourite charity shops last month and then totally forgot to share it. This sign always makes me laugh, especially as it is in a shop staffed by the extremely elderly.

Hopefully I'll have some fun finds to share - touch wood - or at least a funny story to tell after tomorrow. Yippee!

ps All the bunting is made (phew!) and now I just have to make some acorn brooches, package up egg cosies to send to France and make toad in the hole before Graham gets home... Yikes. Why do days off go by so quickly when days at work seem to last for ever?

pps If you're about to watch EastEnders...don't! I had to subtitle it yesterday and swear I am suffering from post-traumatic stress as a result. Gee whillikins, I will be staying away from Walford for a good while longer yet. My nerves just cannae hack it!

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