Sunday, April 17, 2011

sabbath bloody sabbath

I have just read the best book ever - The Comforters by Muriel Spark. I do like Muriel Spark, but had never read this one and picked it up at random in a charity shop a few weeks ago. So glad I did! I don't want to say too much about it because it's probably more fun if the book takes you by surprise, but if you enjoy reading, then read it. I can't believe a) this was Muriel Spark's first novel, b) it was published way back in 1957, c) that means Muriel Spark's first novel wasn't published until she was 39. (Could there be hope for me yet? Er, I fear not.) Look, even Poppy likes it and she can't even read!
And just because Poppy was being so cute sunbathing on the windowsill, here's another photo of her. It's hard to get a nice photo of my cats usually, but, aw, they are lovely. They're on a strict diet right now, but I suspect they may have had two breakfasts today as they weren't very excited when I fed them. Oh well, it is Sunday, I suppose. In many ways, I am having the perfect Sunday, starting the day with reading in bed until I had finished this book because I couldn't bear the thought of rushing through the last few pages on the underground.
After a leisurely shower, the cats and I had fun watching the two squirrels who live in our back garden having a fight. Yes, I know this looks like they are humping, but to the best of my knowledge it was definitely a wrestling match. It's just a shame that the only photo that came out vaguely in focus was the one of them in a classic humping pose.
These squirrels have been entertaining me a lot this year. Even the way they nap in the tree is cute. Today I think they were looking for nuts. I have heard that squirrels don't keep track of where they bury their nuts (or whatever it is they bury/eat) and so just dig randomly until they find some and that is what they seemed to be doing today. They were pulling big tufts out of the grass. The one on his back here has a bit of grass and earth in his mouth and was not up for surrendering it. He took it off to the tree with him while the other squirrel went to visit Mrs Nibbles, the very nice rabbit who lives in a hutch in our back garden.

Quite idyllic and Sundayish, you see. I've just had a cup of tea with a roll and sausage followed by a roll and jam. Mmm, lovely Sunday. So why oh why do I have to go to work for ten bleedin' hours?! I had planned to walk, but I'm now running late and have to prepare dinner to take to work as well as hang up washing before I leave. This is probably because I spent all morning lying in bed reading a good book and watching squirrels in the back garden. Harumph. I repeat, harumph.
Oh well, to distract from that rant, here is a lovely mug that I saw but did not buy in our charity shop excursion this week. I totally would have bought it if it hadn't had a nasty great chip just where you would put your mouth to drink out of it. I've been thinking about Brownies quite a bit lately, not sure why.
I have a photo of myself in my Brownie uniform somewhere. I may try to scan it soon and share it here. I truly have no shame. Anyway, I really do have to get going to work now (roll on May when I have taken half the month off - hooray!) but those of you who do not work on sunny Sundays like today, can enjoy the Cardigans on my behalf. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath indeed!


  1. YOu could totally tell you had to go to work but didn't want to whilst you were writing this post ;-) I know what you mean about work avoidance though - I'm back in tomorrow after two glorious weeks off - bah! x

  2. Did the detialed description of squirrel activity really make it so obvious?! I have to say, I haven't felt any more enthusiastic since I got here. I usually don't mind working weekends (it means weekdays off after all) but this weekend I really resent it. And another dose of Noel bleedin' Edmonds is not helping matters either, let me tell you. Oh well, 5.5 hours down, 4.5 to go. Hope your first day back is not too much of a shock to the system.

    ps Managed to hang up the washing, but failed to make a sensible dinner to take to work (a tin of tomato soup had to suffice). And the cats had been given breakfast twice, sneaky beggars.

  3. Hi Laura, funny to see that mug as I recently bought the same one from a charity shop! love that owl! I was a brownie too, and the thing I remember most about the uniform was the v itchy hat!
    also having to carry useful things like a piece of string in case you found a stray dog on the way home and 2p to make a phone call - showing my age now!! great to see the cardigans again, I'm a big fan of them too:)

  4. You must be older than me - I'm sure it was 10p in my day ;) I just loved all the badges at Brownies. I used to spend hours reading the handbook and badge book. By the time I left, I had no more room on my sleeve for any more badges. Ah, I was such a swot!


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