Sunday, April 24, 2011

happy easter

Happy Easter! I've been saving this super-cute party pom-pom chick for weeks :) I don't normally do anything much for Easter and thought today would amount to sharing this picture and eating a creme egg (mmm!) but I think I may have persuaded Graham to go for a picnic, even though the weather is not all that nice. I'm planning (secretly, so don't tell) to get some veggie scotch eggs. I've been wanting to try them for ages and today seems like the perfect time. I bet they'll be sold out/taste disgusting. Ha!
I used Easter as an excuse to make my first ever treasury on etsy. To be honest, I found the whole thing rather stressful! These eight lovely things came from my existing favourite items/sellers and I though I could easily find another eight rabbits/chick/eggs, but there were soooo many rabbits/chicks/eggs on etsy that my eyes glazed over and I had to go for a lie down. I couldn't find any way to save my treasury as a work in progress (it was either delete or publish) so I opted to go for just these eight tip-top items instead of the usual sixteen. Next time I make a treasury, I will use a good old-fashioned pencil and paper to plan it and make sure I have sixteen things to share. I actually have a plan for a treasury - something that really entertains me, but is not at all searchable unfortunately - so I will try to start work on that soon.

I'm liking the more social side of etsy these days. Well, I say social, but it's not as though I have any direct contact with anyone. The circle feature is great though. If I find someone who has lots of things in their favourites that I like, I add them to my circle and etsy shows me via my activity feed whatever they add to their favourites as they add them. I have found so many great items/shops through this. I'm quite choosy about who goes in my circle, but not in a personal way. I guess it all depends what you want to use your circle for. Some people might want to add as many people as possible for the social networking side of things. I like to add people who 1) regularly favourite things that I like too and 2) don't go crazy favouriting too much. I've had to remove one or two people from my little circle because their favouriting was out of control and all I ever saw was activity from them, meaning I was missing out on the favourites from the rest of my circle. Hopefully I haven't offended anyone by their removal... I can't handle the social side of the internet. It's a hive of potential faux pas. I like to keep below the radar, man!

(Here I have deleted a whole other post about my facebook/twitter avoidance. Some other time, maybe...)


  1. I could be wrong (having only made 2 treasuries so far) but I think you can make your treasury private rather than public and that way you could save it for later before allowing your treasures to come up 'on the radar'.

    I tried to have a look at the circle thing on the Etsy blog to see what you are actually meant to DO with it (anticipating the potential faux pas pit-falls). I feel bad if somebody adds me to their circle and I don't reciprocate but think you are right about being choosy. It only works if you share somebody else's taste after all!

  2. Ah, that's good to know. I'll try making the treasury temporarily private next time. It would be good to have them on the go for a while as works in progress before going public.

    The circle thing is funny. I'm happy with the way I'm using it now, but I know there are some people who certainly see it as more of a networking thing. I removed somebody from my circle because (although she had great favourites) all that was showing up in my activity feed was that she had added 20 new people to her circle every hour. I'm sure she wouldn't even miss little old me since she is connected to practically everybody else on etsy by now. Well, I hope so anyway. Gah, I wish I wasn't so terrified of offending people!


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