Sunday, April 10, 2011

friday night, saturday...night

Friday Night Dinner is finished. Boo hiss! I've really enjoyed this series and have laughed out loud at every single episode, which was a nice surprise as I had no real expectations about it before it started. Every week whoever is subtitling Friday Night Dinner turns round and asks whoever's beside them if they've seen it and says how good it is. That doesn't happen often in my work (usually people only take off their headphones to rant about the daily Noel Edmonds torture session) so is definitely proof of this show's entertainment credentials, I reckon. I'm not very good at reviewing telly and the like, but Friday Night Dinner is just plain unpretentious funny and is worth watching for the hard-of-hearing, mostly topless dad alone. (I love him!) If you haven't seen it yet, it's not too late to catch it online, but do it soon as I have a feeling channel 4 take down shows round about the time the DVD comes out?

Hmm, anyway, I'm home alone on a Saturday night recommending TV shows (in a very inept way) to anonymous readers who may or may not be interested. I feel I should be finding a random forum to type spelling mistakes on and lols on. I'll go now before I sink any lower... Good night. Actually, I'll sink a little bit lower still and point you in the direction of this evidence of my own spoon-balancing skillz. Good night for real this time.

p.s. Watch Friday Night Dinner! You won't regret it.


  1. We've only seen a couple but did rofl!! Have you seen Big Bang Theory? That too is truly excellent televisual viewing! x

  2. I have to say, I'm not much of a fan of American comedy (or American comedy about young people to be more precise) but Big Bang Theory does appeal to me more than most. It has the geek factor, which helps! Thanks for commenting - I was feeling weird about that post :)

  3. I really enjoyed Friday night dinner too. Though it only just dawned on me that Adam (Simon Bird) was playing the older son... I think I still think of him as school boy age from in the Inbetweeners!

  4. I kind of thought of him as too old for his character in Inbetweeners (love that show too!) and too young for his character in Friday Night Dinner. Still like him a lot in both though :)


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