Wednesday, April 20, 2011

roll up, roll up!

Image stolen (with permission) from here.

Ta-da! I say ta-da as if these wondrous creations had anything to do with me. They didn't, but there is something about this image that means no other introduction would be quite appropriate. How amazing are these? I especially love the strongman. I had been hankering after making a strongman for my nephew, but now I don't know if I could handle the disappointment when mine didn't look like this now.

These beauties were made in Melbourne by handmade romance, a talented lady with a lovely shop (check out the bearded bloke brooches) and blog.
You know, the more [craft] I see from Melbourne, the more I want to move there - I like to think of it as the Australian Glasgow, but then I have never been so can't really compare... And we all know it would be very foolish to move to the other side on the basis of a stuffed strongman. Don't we?! (But, oh, look at his bulging muscles and his hairy chest, not to mention his lustrous moustache and his anchor tattoo... And his eyebrows? Eep!)

I'm sure I have mentioned recently that my criticism skills are not to be envied,
and I'm certain you don't need me to explain the greatness of these circus dwellers, so I will say no more about them for now, other than one final, "Ta-da!" and a parting, "How great?!"

p.s. This is not the first time that I have featured a unicyclist on my blog. Ten points to anyone who can tell me who/what/why/when/where the other unicyclist is...and maybe even a prize since I'm still sending lots of nice mail in the hope that one day I receive some. My letterbox is truly fed up of bills and election bumph.

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