Sunday, April 10, 2011

laying egg cosies

This egg is now so cosy I wouldn't be surprised if a little chick popped out.
I made my other two egg cosies last night. Saturday night! Rock and roll! I can't remember the last time I actually did something rock and roll on a Saturday night, but crocheting egg cosies has to be a new rock and roll low.
You can see the purple one is a bit smaller than the other two. That's because my purple wool ran out two rows before the end. It's still big enough to cover an egg though and I don't have another colour of wool that Kim would like as much. Her favourite colour has always been pink, but it changed to purple just recently and she could even tell me the exact moment this change happened (when she chose purple trainers with flashing lights in a shoe shop in Elgin) so I really wanted hers to be purple. I gave her the pink duck as a sort of insurance policy though.

I can't tell you how much I love crochet. It just makes good sense. Now that I've seen how to make a ring and crochet into it and increase, I'm thinking there are loads of things I could make from this starting point. And no seams to stitch! I did another row on my blanket this morning, just to make sure that crocheting the egg cosies hadn't made me forget how to ripple. It was OK - I remembered. Phew! How ace that I have a new hobby?! Yippee!

Now I really am off to make some bunting. I did some boring preparations for it last night after egg cosying, so I am good to go and am not letting crochet take over absolutely everything. Just.

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