Tuesday, April 26, 2011

under the weather

I have a cystitis-ridden pussy. (Sorry, couldn't resist that!) I'm just back from the vet with poor wee Poppy who is feeling very sore and sorry for herself. She's had an injection and has antibiotics (each of which is approximately the size of her head) to take over the next few days... hopefully. Poor Pops. She's never had cystitis before. Lola has had it twice and made darn sure we knew about it with lots of crying and forcing us to watch her straining in the litter tray. Poppy, meanwhile, suffered in silence and we only discovered she was ill last night when we found an alarming amount of blood in her litter tray, which made me panic and feel stressed all day at work in case it was something more serious. Thank goodness it wasn't.

As well as having cystitis, she apparently eats too much. I told the vet that she was on a diet at the moment to which he replied, "Well, it's clearly not working, is it?" The cheek! (I resisted saying, "You think she's fat? You should see the other one!")

I know I should resist blogging about my cats and their problems with their lady bits, but getting a wee fright has reminded me how much I love them. Aw! (Plus this will serve as a useful reminder to me that I do indeed love them when I'm driven mad this week trying to administer the antibiotic tablets!)

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