Saturday, December 1, 2012

baby, it's cold outside

 Well, this seems like an appropriate post for the first day in December.  I've been snapping photos with my new phone on our various frosty walks round the local parks this week.
 The duck pond was nearly frozen over, with just a little moat of open water around Duck Island.  Did you know there is a flickr group called Stick Figures In Peril?  I should really upload this photo and add it.
 The rhododendrons were a bit on the frosty side and looked like unseasonably plump pea pods under their white winter coats.
  Even the pretty purple cabbages were frozen.  I know we're not supposed to steal the vegetables, but this did seem like rather a sad way for tasty cabbages to end up.  They would have been much better off being boiled alive in a big pot on my stove - mwahahahahaha!
I finally found my gloves, thank goodness.  They turned out to be in the pocket of last year's winter coat.  My sister gave me these lovely gloves for Christmas last year.  They're by Clovaknits who also makes the most gorgeous personalised cushion covers and hot water bottle covers.  Her shop is definitely worth checking out if you're looking for any nice handmade gifts.  All her stuff is so cosy and perfect for this time of year.
 I didn't much fancy resting my legs on any of the benches.
I'm sure this would have caused quite serious frostbite of the bottom.

Right, I'm off to have a lovely hot shower.  All these photos have made me a bit chilly.

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