Tuesday, December 11, 2012

indecision (help!)

 For many years I thought that if I ever had a baby, I'd like to give them a Jane Foster screen printed cat.  What better time to come good on this plan than this Christmas?
 But I have hit a stumbling block and can't decide which cat Dulcie would most love.
 I've narrowed it down to these three designs, all made with gorgeous vintage Scandinavian floral fabrics.  I've been going back and forth over the last week, but can't quite bring myself to commit to one and leave the other two behind.

Fancy giving me your expert opinion, anyone?

You can find these cats and all Jane Foster's other lovely items at her etsy shop here... but please don't buy any of these three designs until I have made my mind up!

Is anyone feeling festive yet?  I have made some progress with gift buying (not sure how!) and our tree is up (yay!) but generally I am not in the yuletide zone.  Yet.  With a teething baby, hospital appointments coming out of my ears and jury duty coinciding with what is meant to be my first week back at work (why?!) I am more prone to the bah humbug side of things, I'm afraid.  But I am looking forward to the day itself and have been enjoying the odd mince pie (or two) while I ponder presents etc.  And it's fun buying stuff for Dulcie.  Not being able to choose which lovely thing to buy for her is what could be described as "a luxury problem" for sure.  Oh, and there's even been some MAKING going on behind the scenes!  Not a lot of making, admittedly, but enough for me to give myself a mini pat on the back.  Well, it's not easy when your day consists of 45 measly (glorious!) minutes without a baby attached to you/screaming at you.  See?  I'm trying!   :)


  1. I like the first one best, personally, but looking at them the second one with the orange flowers makes me think of you, sorry, that doesn't really help does it??! x

  2. The first one... But they are all gorgeous and I dont think you could ever feel like you made a mistake in buying any of them :-) Julie x

  3. I am very curious - did you end up buying one of these for Dulcie?

    1. Yes, we did! I've been meaning to blog about it. We got her the cat in the top picture in the end. She was reasonably impressed to begin with, but now she loves it :)


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