Thursday, December 27, 2012

one year on

It's exactly one year to the day since Dulcie finally (finally!) came home from hospital to live with us.  I realise I haven't really shared any pictures of her this month, so here are some snaps of her December.
There's lots of standing going on (she even walked a couple of steps on her own last night) and lots of exploring.  That's why there are also lots of bumps and bruises!
This morning she woke up and gave me a massive grin, revealing... two front teeth!  Or two hints of front teeth at least.
She's making good progress with her talking.  I don't think strangers could understand her, but those of us in the know can make out a few signature words like "again" (and again and again and again) and "cat" and "tree".  She also mimics sounds now and again and has been roaring like a lion, squeaking like a mouse and too-whit-too-wooing like an owl today.
She's loving all her toys and is absolutely obsessed with her books.  She walks to the bookshelves and pulls down what she wants you to read to her.  She waves her hands when it's time to turn the page.
Talking of waving, she has just started waving goodbye and also gives high fives.  Right now she's dancing with her musical toy tortoise, a present from her granma yesterday.  Dancing is another very recent development.
So it's a time of lots of changes, lots of hard work and lots of fun.  And one year on from her coming home, my life and house are in an even worse state of disarray than when she arrived!  Ah well, she's worth it :)


  1. what a year! and I note that Dulcie is smiling in every one of these photos - what a happy child! keep up the good work! xx

    1. Thanks :) Yes, she is very happy these days... provided she's getting her own way!


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