Monday, February 17, 2014

been sewing some more

I've been sewing again, making a dress (from the same pattern I used for Dulcie's dress) for my niece Elsie's second birthday.  I bought this fabric specially, but I think there's probably enough left over to make a wee top for Dulcie too.  Yay!  This could be yet more procrastination on my part really, though, putting off the scarier task of making something for myself.
I found these buttercup-yellow buttons in my button jar and was a bit sad to part with them, but made myself do it because I love Elsie and better that she can wear them than that they stay in my jar.  I say that, but I am pining for them already...
I realised I never shared a picture of Dulcie actually wearing the dress I made for her.  She's not easy to photograph these days (too busy to stand still and there is no daylight ever) so these pictures were the best I could do.  You get the idea, though.  Cute, no?
And I just liked this one because you can see the plaster on Dulcie's big toe, which was pretty much the most exciting thing ever to have happened, in Dulcie's eyes, at least :)

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