Saturday, February 22, 2014

human cat-ipede

This is a fairly typical winter position for our cats.  It reminded me of that gruesome film The Human Centipede, hence this post's title.  I suppose "the feline centipede" would have been more accurate...but less entertaining.

I never blog about the cats any more really.  In real life, they are probably almost as neglected as they are on the blog.
This is Poppy, a strange little creature, the runt of her litter, scared yet intimidating, loves being stroked but will attack when approached from certain angles.  She keeps herself to herself a lot of the time and certainly doesn't cause as many problems as her infuriating sister, Lola, apart from the CONSTANT PUKING.  Although she has always been quick to lash out, she has never been anything less than patient with Dulcie.  When she's up for attention, she has a hearty purr.  She likes to nestle between Graham and I on the sofa when she's not lying on the radiator.  Graham and Lola get to experience her comedy hisses and tuna breath quite regularly.

Lola, meanwhile, is a big daft furball, very demanding, constantly miaowing, exceptionally greedy.  She's all claws and white hair (hair, hair, hair!) which make our carpets, furniture and clothes look constantly shabby.  She's annoying to the max at times, but actually the sweetest natured cat you could ever meet.  Dulcie loves to cuddle her and I'm confident Lola would put up with pretty much any treatment.  She's never drawn her claws in anger once, not even when under serious attack from her sister.  And all that hair means she is beyond soft and simultaneously the best and worst cat for snuggling with.

Our cats are indoor cats who haven't left the house in the almost eight years they've been alive.  I've tried to persuade them to go out, but they're not up for it.  Lola got as far as the windowsill, Poppy never even got close.  Maybe this summer I'll manage to persuade them... if the neighbour's aggressive tom cat can tolerate it and keep his distance.  I'm sure the cats' annoying habits would be somewhat diluted if they weren't constantly under our feet and they might enjoy the great outdoors too.  Couple of scaredy cats.

I often think how much easier our lives would be without the cats (Graham too - he threatens to get rid of them every other day!) and sometimes it feels like they don't bring much to the table.  Then, a few months ago, there was talk that I might have to get rid of them, which left me feeling heart-broken, kind of ironic when you consider it was my actually broken heart that was behind their potential eviction!  They've evaded the chop for now, but I know that might still be on the cards some day.  I hope not.  I do love the little blighters and I'd hate Dulcie to grow up with no pets as well as no siblings.  Effing heart :(


  1. We share our house with a decidedly surly ginger tom. He is getting old and cranky, and is not to be trusted alone with the children.

    I have thought of a cat-free life, but mixed emotions (and a cat-loving husband) means he is still very much around. Although he spends a portion of the day outside, I can very much relate to the hair issue (and the vomiting...).

    1. This morning was one of their worst. They had been driving me mad for hours (vomiting everywhere, mainly on carpets and other hard-to-clean surfaces) by the time Graham got up and asked, once again, if we could get rid of them. Tempting, but I just can't. Besides, Lola did give me a lovely cuddle this morning... Master manipulator?


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