Sunday, February 23, 2014

buttons are us

One day, while on "jury duty", I decided to clean a bag full of buttons that had got all dusty so I could add them to my button jar.  Dulcie was out with my mum, but got home before I'd managed to clear all the buttons away.  She spent ages just holding and sorting and moving the buttons around...before scattering them all over the kitchen floor and secreting a few rabbit-shaped buttons in her pockets, the tyke.
Dulcie quite often eyes up my giant jar of buttons, but hasn't worked out how to get into it yet.  I think I might have to get her started on her own collection in order to protect mine!  I've got too many buttons to fit in the jar now anyway and am tempted to spend a precious Dulcie-free afternoon sorting them all out - putting matching sets together, setting aside buttons to use on clothes and for other crafty purposes, maybe getting rid of some of the less exciting specimens.  It seems such an extravagant use of time, but, hey, why not? :)

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