Monday, February 24, 2014


Dulcie's favourite thing to do is stay at home, preferably stay in her pyjamas.  She spends lots of her time in the flat with her blankets and cushions, making cosy nests for her and her soft toys wherever she goes.  Lately she's been setting up home inside her tent, sweeping it out with her mini brush and spending ages arranging these two cushions and the ripple blanket.  The vintage cushion was a gift to Dulcie from my sister, the Jane Foster cushion I won in a giveaway and the blanket was crocheted by yours truly, of course.
Dulcie loves hanging out in her tent and claims it's "nice and quiet".  I feel a bit guilty to see her setting up a cosy and stylish home for herself like that.  Well, it's as stylish as it can be with her limited means!  I really want to be able to make our home a nice place to be, for her as much as (more than?) for us, but I sometimes feel it's beyond me/us.  I say "us" but I feel like Graham could do it if he was doing it alone.  "Millstone" is not a fun (or probably accurate) sense of oneself!  One of those books I treated myself to on Amazon is turning out to be a great source of inspiration, though.  You can find it here and it's full of lots of fun ideas that seem (mostly) quite achievable and not too designery or expensive.  I'd definitely recommend it!

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