Tuesday, February 18, 2014

life in the doll's house

Dulcie loves playing with little things these days.  My parents gave her an amazing vintage Fisher Price house (like this one, but with heaps more furniture and figures) which she loves and spends ages playing with, deciding who gets to sleep in the big double bed, making the dog fly the aeroplane and helping pretty much everyone use the toilet.  "Psssssss!  Flush-sh-sh-sh!"  The Fisher Price house seems to have triggered the idea of play on a small scale...
...which is presumably why I found these wooden figures from her wooden merry-go-round making themselves at home in the doll's house a while back.  What a sweet discovery that was!

I'm glad Dulcie is starting to take an interest in the doll's house, which I have been meaning to blog about for almost two years.  I did, in fact, blog about it before it was mine (looky here, pictures and everything) but then totally failed to update you all with the news that I did go back and haggle, then, when I'd got the price down, Graham swooped in a bought it for my birthday.

As I predicted in reply to one of the comments on that original post, this doll's house has not exactly been a positive addition to our disorganised, real-life, full-size home.  I haven't done any of the renovations I'd planned (on either house!) though I'm still hoping I might one day, and the doll's house hasn't yet moved from the hall where it was deposited when Graham and my dad first hefted it through the front door.  Yes, it is a big, cumbersome beast.  Many times this doll's house has given me that horrible oozy headache feeling that clutter causes, but now that Dulcie has (without any encouragement) started playing with it, I'm feeling hopeful again.  Once our flat is a bit more sorted, I'm sure we can find a better location for the doll's house, somewhere at once less in our faces and yet more accessible.  And as Dulcie gets older, I'm starting to hope we can do it up together...provided she's up for the seventies look I have planned :)


  1. Hey Laura! I'm so behind with blogging of late but I always take a peek at yours when i get chance:) Dulcie is so cute! jimmy is just the same at the moment enjoying little things ( hes fascinated with an old paddington pen top of mine at the moment!) and he loves playing house too ( he has a happyland house) but there is usually a car or two in the bath! I recently bought a dolls house too (for me!) i spotted it in a charity shop window last year and just had to buy it, (despite protestations from my husband, and having nowhere to put it) Its currently on our bedroom floor obstructing our chest of drawers! I will eventually put some pix up on my blog, it's just so 70's psychedelic and kitsch i couldn't resist!

    1. Hi Moira, good to hear from you :)

      I'm so glad to hear it's not just me who ends up in these situations, with doll's houses there is no room for etc. You should definitely blog about yours when you get the chance - I'd love to see it! As I said, '70s is the look I'm hoping to go for (not allowed to do it in my real house!) so maybe your house would give me some inspiration. I've got some great home decor books from the '70s. I'll try to share them soon.

      Thanks for commenting - my first comment in ages! :)


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