Sunday, March 30, 2014

did not buy

Here are some recent charity-shop finds that I left behind for someone else to discover.  A cross-stitched letter, but (sadly) not one of the ones I was looking for, unless I wanted to spell "hello" as "hellu".  Which I don't.  Still looking for an L and an O if anyone sees them, by the way!
The inside of this book was not nearly so exciting as the cover, so I took a photo and left it behind, even though I was also tempted by a book about small-scale weaving and a Basil Brush picture book.  I think it was four books for a pound or something, so I did well not to take any with me.  The photo is better - let someone who might actually become a glove puppeteer have this.  That is not me.  Well, probably not anyway!
This was also VERY cheap, in every sense of the word!  It did make me laugh, but I knew I could certainly live without it!  I just liked the fact it appeared to be the same make as those "World's Best Grandma" ornaments you see from time to time.  I wonder who had this and where it was displayed.  Prominently?  Who knows?

I don't take nearly so much home from the charity shops these days, or from any shops.  Even when I see nice old things that I like, because I have nowhere to put them, I tend to leave them where they are.  I'm looking forward to a time where our home is sorted and I can buy things I like without feeling bad about it.  It will be nice to buy things knowing I have a place to put them rather than knowing I don't even have a place to store them.

I considered doing a Less 365 type of idea this year, but decided against it as I didn't want to commit to having to record everything I got rid of - if I'm in the mood to get rid, I don't want to waste time by writing down what I'm doing!  I've kind of had it in the back of my mind though and, if I was doing it, I'd be well ahead of the game.  I've already got rid of well over 100 things I'm sure (maybe close to 200, I reckon) and it's still only March.  And you know what?  I haven't missed a single one of them.  Plus I love getting emails from the British Heart Foundation telling me what they've made from my items.  Sometimes it's been in triple figures!  Amazing!  Crazy to think my junk is finding new homes and helping to beat heart disease.  Much better that than stressing me out and gathering dust :)

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