Saturday, March 15, 2014

harrowing comedy for quiet nights in

Did you watch Inside No 9?  I'm a bit sad it's finished (I like having something to look forward to on weeknights at home in my sad existence!) but have just discovered there's an extra episode online, so I'll look forward to watching that later.  The final episode, The Harrowing, was great but SO SCARY.  I can't believe something with a definite comedy element throughout could have terrified me so much.  Graham is revelling in the new power he has to torment me by whispering, "Mischief... Mischief..."  If you like horror, you must watch it... but maybe not when you're home alone or hoping to have a good night's sleep uninterrupted by nightmares.

All six episodes were enjoyable, actually, but A Quiet Night In was the best thing I've seen on TV since...  Well, ever!  After watching it, I said I could imagine it being trawled out for decades to come like Morecambe and Wise's breakfast dance.  I can't believe I haven't heard more people raving about it.  Honestly, it was televisual perfection and absolutely hilarious.  You must, must watch it.  It didn't have so much of the horror element (just a bit of suspense and tension) so don't let your nervous disposition put you off!

You can find all the episodes on iPlayer here, though, since the DVD is due out soon, I'm not sure how much longer they'll be available for, probably just a few days.  Watch them while you can!

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