Monday, March 31, 2014


I found this lovely vintage birthday card on Etsy and it made me think of my friend, whose birthday was coming up.  While pondering whether it was OK to give someone a card with an irrelevant/incorrect age on it, I realised that she was going to be exactly 30 years older than the card's intended recipients, so...
...I created this little appendage.  Pimp that vintage card!  Hee hee!  I find it really hard to use vintage cards that have never been written on, so I made my little banner easy to remove and signed my name in pencil.  Her son will turn seven this summer, so perhaps she can recycle it for him.  Every modern seven-year-old boy's dream card, right?  Hmmm...
If I'm paying postage for something, I quite often like to treat myself to something else at the same time, so I bought this lovely wall-hanging flash-card thingummy from the same shop.  It's to hang on the wall of Dulcie's bedroom.  She's building up quite the collection, her room is going to be so lovely!  I was so delighted when I received this.  It's one of those things that is ten times nicer in real life than you'd ever imagined.  Dulcie likes it too and claims it reminds her of paper dolls.  Right now, Dulcie uses "girl" as a badge of honour, so this picture seems very appropriate for her.  When my dad was in her favour last week, he changed from a boy to a girl.  Even Graham gets to be a girl sometimes now, when he's not winding her up.

The shop I got these from was the lovely and incredibly reasonably priced Thursday Threepence.  When I say reasonably priced, I mean it.  The "girl" poster was only £3.  Go and look!

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