Tuesday, April 1, 2014

paint, paper, peppa pig... pectacles?

You need to sing the Hartbeat gallery tune while looking at these pictures.
Dulcie really fancies herself as quite the budding artist these days.  Ne'er a day goes by that she doesn't come home from nursery with paint somewhere about her person.
The mess and mayhem levels of our flat can't really handle full-on paints right now, runny poster-type paints, so I thought we might give this solid paint palette a try instead.  The colours were maybe a little subtle for Dulcie's liking (her brush was always very watery) but she enjoyed them nonetheless and we soon discovered the colours were very intense when applied to lips and eyelashes.  Cue much bathing of eyeballs...
As always when paper comes out, Dulcie requested a set of paper dolls to decorate.  It turned out the glasses stickers I'd got for her in Paperchase that week were just the right size for them.  Cute!  This pair (if they were in black) are quite like my new glasses, which, after an initial period of doubt, I am loving.
Dulcie's drawings are still pretty much unrecognisable as anything specific, so I was pretty impressed at how accurately she stuck on all these glasses, just where the eyes would be.  These paper dolls went on to be much more highly decorated, with four out of five having sad faces for some reason, and then were torn into itty-bitty pieces.  Every time...
This was my creation for the day, with Peppa's number-one fan as my very strict director.  These were actually the best I could manage in such a tricky medium (ha!) but I was mildly impressed that they looked like fake children's drawings that you see on TV sometimes.  In the absence of any other making, I'll take what I can get!

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