Thursday, April 17, 2014


Oooh!  I've been drawing!  This is an initial sketch for a Gocco print I've had in mind for months (years?!) and it's turned out not quite as terribly as I had feared.  Obviously the legs need some work (or medical attention!) but I think parts of the top half might make it into the final design with a bit of tweaking.  I'm not really great at drawing, so I usually end up using a computer to tinker with images once I've had a go with pencil or pen.  There will be more to the design than this little guy, but I don't want to spoil any surprises by sharing the whole plan yet.  I'm hoping I can bust out the Gocco and actually complete this over the next couple of months though, so not too long to wait.

I've actually got lots of Gocco ideas at the moment (at least five) and I'd really like to see them all through to fruition.  I haven't had my Gocco out of its box since my pre-Dulcie days.  Maybe I could aim for two designs by the end of the year?

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