Monday, April 14, 2014

day in the life - the easter special

Last time I chose the date for Day In The Life, I ended up nearly not being able to take part due to my untimely death.  (You might be able to work out that I lived to tell the tale, but my own Day In The Life post was not the happy one I had planned, but rather a sorry tale of panic attacks in an MRI scanner and crying for pretty much 24 hours solid...)  However, in a bid not to succumb to superstitious paranoia, when Claire asked me if I'd like to choose this month's date, I jumped at the chance...albeit in a hesitant manner.

Day In The Life, for those of you who don't know, is a day when anyone with a blog who would care to join in records the minutiae of their day on a specific date.  You can record it any way you like.  We've had lengthy wordy posts, photographic records, A-Zs, illustrated hourly updates, graphs...  The possibilities are endless.  You can record your day in any way you fancy.

The date for this month's Day In The Life is Sunday April 20th.  Yes, that's Easter Sunday!  Please spread the word and consider joining in yourself.  I love looking back on my own Day In The Life posts, they're a great wee record and they're fun (if a little challenging sometimes) to write too.  If you do take part, please let me know by leaving a comment on my blog.  I'll compile a linky list of all the posts so everyone can read about the days of everyone else in the Day In The Life community.

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