Sunday, April 27, 2014

doing something magical

Dulcie has lots of little games she's invented herself.  Her internal world is an imaginative and exciting place that the rest of us have limited access to.  I love that!  Most of her favourite activities involve doing things with multiple small objects, hair clips (which never make it into her hair) being the ultimate.
Dulcie spends lots of time carefully putting all her hair clips (and a few other teeny items) into my slippers...
...then she tips them all out and starts again.

When I ask her what she's doing, she always replies, "I'm doing something magical."


  1. I have not lurked around here for such a looong time (life getting in the way) and oh my how your beautiful creation has grown. Dulcie is so so amazing!! I vow now to come back far more frequently!! x

    1. You'd better - she's hard to keep up with these days! :)


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