Tuesday, April 15, 2014

sometimes you should judge a book by its cover

I found this book in a charity shop recently and couldn't resist the mad '70s cover.  Well, it turned out to be brilliant!  I'd never heard of William Trevor before (which I can't quite believe now I've read up on him - he's been on the Booker shortlist four times, including for this novel, and has been knighted for services to literature!) but I'd definitely like to read more by him now.  The day I got this book, all paperbacks were £1 each, or five for...£1!  It took some doing, but I found four other books to take home with it, some of them titles I'd thought about reading for a while and some of them things I'd never normally read, crime fiction and the like.  Hopefully I'll find some more pleasant surprises amongst them, not that you could call this book pleasant.

My goal to read more this year continues to go well.  That's eight books completed so far and April's not even over yet.  Someone at work recently told me they'd made the terrible mistake of counting how many books they'd read in one year and multiplying that by the number of years they might be expected to live.  They said the number was depressingly low and they were concerned they might not even get through all the books on their own shelves, let alone any of the other books out there.  God knows when I'll die really, but if I'm not feeling too optimistic (about my life expectancy or the quantity of my reading) then I could guesstimate my remaining books as being in the measly double figures.  Waaah!  Makes me a bit stressed that I chose the book I'm reading now purely on the basis that I wouldn't run the risk of waking Dulcie up to get to it, following on from choosing a book for its "mad '70s cover"...  Ha!  Maybe I should be making a bucket list of books?  Maybe we all should!  Or maybe we should just try not to think about it.  Yeah, I prefer that idea :)


  1. The cover on that book is ace and I would have picked it up too. I try desperately not to think about how many book reading days I have left and how, if I added them all up, I wouldn't get chance to read all the books I already have let alone any that are published from now on. However I am an optimist and believe that I will finish them all one day (hah!)

    1. Someone's got to be the world's most widely read person and you made a good start last year. I believe in you!


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