Friday, March 7, 2014

making time for making

Since my work hours changed, I've been able to make a bit more time for making.  These are some things I've made for other people over the last few weeks.  I made this crochet hook roll-up for my mum's birthday.  She's a knitter by trade, but has been expressing an interest in learning to crochet lately and I'm always keen to convert people to the hook, so I got her a book about crochet and a set of crochet hooks.
The hooks themselves (bamboo) were quite nice, but the packaging the came in was definitely not.  Nasty, huh?
I think the addition of a handmade hook roll-up (made from an old pillowcase and a piece of perfectly co-ordinating grosgrain ribbon I had already) really up-levelled this gift.  My mum seemed pleased and she had commented on how much she liked this fabric before, so I knew that was a good choice for her.
I crocheted this cardigan (like the ones I made for Dulcie when she was wee - pattern available here) for my friend's new baby boy.  I say new, but he was actually born in December. Yes, I was a bit slow off the mark, but I made this in 3-6 months size and babies really need cardigans all year round.  You should know, if I'm making things for your baby, that I must hold you in very high regard.  If I'm not in a good frame of mind, every stitch is like a tiny kick in the kidneys to me.  That's devotion for you!  Sheesh...
I also made my friend some fingerless gloves, the first time I had used any of the jumpers I felted about five years ago.  A pair of fingerless gloves was one of the most useful gifts I got post-Dulcie, but wasn't something that had occurred to me.  I don't know how well these will stand the test of time, but they turned out pretty cute and literally took five minutes to make.  I wish I'd managed to get them to her in December rather than February, but I'm sure there will be plenty of cold days still to come.  It's a shame she thought they were odd over-sized legwarmers for her baby!  Ha ha!  She knows what they are now.

I'm LOVING making things again.  I'm not sure I realised how much I'd been missing it.  I've got lots more crafty ideas in the pipeline too :)

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