Tuesday, March 4, 2014

happy pancake day!

 Coming to you practically live from our kitchen!  Dulcie and I have been making pancakes.
 I'm not sure the rubbery finished products are worth all the mess, but Dulcie enjoyed herself.  Here she is stirring.  "Stir, stir, stir," she says.
According to her, they passed the taste test, but, like her father, she'll eat any old shite!  Ha!  Mind you, we did put some cinnamon in them which hides many sins.  We'll have the rest for pudding tonight, I think.

Why can't I make pancakes?  Even with a recipe, I fail, not like Mummy Pig who can whip them up in a jiffy with no recipe at all.  I suspect this is because she is a REAL MUMMY and I am an IMPOSTOR.  And I'm sure I found them easy to make as a child.  Now I always end up with one lovely side and one side that is half charred and half uncooked.  And let's not discuss the middles...  I suspect it's a problem with pan temperature.  You know what, though?  They were better than last year's, I think.  (Ooh, hasn't Dulcie grown?  Aaw!)  Maybe I'll be able to make them properly by the time Dulcie is old enough to be able to remember having eaten them.  We live in hope...

Other things I just can't do - take decent photos inside with my phone.  Grrr.


  1. It looks like you had a lovely time, and the amount Dulcie has grown in one year is just astounding! Such a pretty girl! :)

    A few weeks ago I made a cake that was just BAD (and I tend to think that all cake is good cake). I almost feel like it was an accomplshment to make all these lovely ingredients (butter, sugar, eggs, spices) taste so foul. Guess I am an impostor too... :)

    1. The cats got into the pancakes last night and even they didn't eat them, which is as damning a review as you can get! I think they were actually worse than last year's pancakes. Oh, dear...


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