Wednesday, October 22, 2014

harvest "festival"

 You might remember I blogged about our vegetable "garden" a while back.  Well, we've harvested!
 And this is our harvest.  Our ENTIRE harvest.  Behold, the most expensive four carrots (I'm not sure why one came out yellow) known to man!
 And here they are next to my freakishly small hand for scale.  Hmmm.
I think Dulcie's look here says it all!

Actually, she was pretty impressed, as was I.  We motherfreakin' grew these from seeds!  Wow!  But I suppose the garden overall couldn't be called a great success.  We hardly spent any time out there either, I guess it just didn't fit in with our busy lives really.  And (now, this is so typical of me/us) we ended up not managing to eat the carrots before they went rubbery and ended up in the bin.  Boo hiss!  Honestly, you wouldn't think it would be that hard to find time to pull up and nibble some carrots, but that is how we roll.  Still, I think Dulcie certainly got SOMETHING from the experience.  

What remains of our garden now looks a real mess.  I need to find the time to pack it all up.  I'm not sure whether we'll repeat the experiment next year or call an end to our gardening foray.  I'm loathe to admit defeat, but I'm not sure the experiences of this year have really got me in the gardening zone.  We'll see how we feel in 2015.

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