Friday, October 24, 2014

reading modern classics

These are the last two books I read and they were so good!  I'd meant to read them both for years, being the kind of books you feel you probably should have read.  The Go-Between was exactly what I'd imagined it would be - dark, gripping, slow-burning and fantastic - and Cold Comfort Farm was exactly the opposite of what I'd imagined and all the better for it - an absolute romp and really smart and funny and modern.

I don't know that I've got much else to say on the subject, I just get excited when I hit upon a good reading vein.  I'm thinking Lucky Jim next?  Kingsley Amis is another void in my reading history.

So far my attempt to read more in 2014 has been going well.  I still wish I could squeeze a few more books in, but it's already my most well-read year since becoming a mother and it's only October.

And what am I doing blogging at 5am?  I spent yesterday having a horrible time in hospital (a very simple procedure made much more complicated than it should have been because of my pesky heart) and went to bed super early to recover from the ordeal (I am now recovered...physically, at least! ha!) which meant I couldn't get back to sleep after Dulcie woke me up at 3.30am.  Oh well, it was a good opportunity to finish reading Cold Comfort Farm with a cup of tea and a blanket :)


  1. I've just read I Capture the Castle which is a coming of age book set in the 1930's. I really enjoyed it and I think you would too :)

    1. Ooh, thanks. I have been meaning to read that for a long time, actually, but had forgotten about it. I might use that as my free-choice book in the reading challenge :)


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