Tuesday, October 7, 2014

time-travelling tuesday (part 22)

13th June 1988

14th June 1988

15th June 1988
Lyndsey and I came first in a pet show.

16th June 1988 school trip, Brownies
Today it was the school trip.  We went to Newbra beach.  Sadly it was raining.  Boo Hsssssss.  Boo Hsssssssss.  Emma and I won a packet of ROLOS.  [Talk about a winning streak, eh?  Third prize in one week!] Sadly it was one packet to share.  We won it when we played BINGO.

17th June 1988
It was Miss Michy's last day.  Boo hoo.

18th June 1988
Today it was the Sunday school picnic.  Happily it was sunny.  Dad had his sale today.  He got us a skateboard.  [It was massive and blue with a decomposing corpse on the bottom - I never managed to skate other than sitting down to do it.]  I got my late birthday present today.  It is a T-shirt.

19th May June 1988
It was raining today.  I went to church straight after that I went to tap and ballet practice.  Sophie, Sean, Scot and Angela came to see us.  Sophie can crawl now.

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