Thursday, October 23, 2014

what's in our drawers?

 The most exciting feature in our new bedroom is a work-in-progress.  Graham found these drawers lying in a lane near his work and managed to persuade one of the delivery drivers to pick them up in the van then persuaded one of his customers to deliver them to our house.  He sanded them down and oiled them up and got glass cut to replace the missing fronts.  I loved the drawers but wasn't sure they'd look that great once all our pants and socks were visible inside, so Graham recycled an unused wardrobe backing and cut it up to make these little dividers to hide the drawers' contents.  What a guy, huh?!  I've been lining the drawers with lovely green wallpaper that we got in the sale section of John Lewis and covering the dividers with insanely glittery gold wrapping paper from Paperchase.  I've just got five glittery bits still to attach - slowly, slowly catchy monkey.  We've both been collecting small items to put in the drawer fronts for decoration.
 This photo is a bit rubbish, but it gives you an idea of the drawers in their entirety.  Excuse the surrounding mess too.  I'm not sure all the items in the drawer fronts so far will be staying, I've just been trying a few things out, mostly stuff that's been in the house for years just looking for the perfect home.  I think this will be my favourite piece of furniture once it's finished, it's going to be smashing and fun to look at and use.  What more could you ask for from storage for your pants and socks?!
Not wanting to be left out of the family project, Dulcie has been creating her own displays in the drawers too.  She was very proud when she presented these dirty socks and sellotape to us :)


  1. Fab!! Do you both have a finding furniture gene as you seem to find amazing stuff!


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