Saturday, October 11, 2014


 I haven't blogged much about Dulcie lately.  For a while she was impossible to photograph (constantly hiding or moving so fast she was just a blur) but she's suddenly lost her aversion to the camera again.  Here are a few cute pictures from recent weeks.  Indulge me, please, even though I haven't got much of interest to say - I don't want to forget this time and she's growing up so fast, as this top picture shows!
This week brought the first day cold enough for winter clothes.  Dulcie chose this hat herself recently in a second-hand clothes shop when my friend Bernie was disappointed to discover it was too small for her own head.  I think it's actually an adult hat that has shrunk in the wash.  The legwarmers were made by my sister for Dulcie's birthday last year.  I'm so glad they still fit!  Ooh, snuggly winter goodness!  We'd just been to see a couple of episodes of Bagpuss at toddler cinema when I took this (Dulcie's first Bagpuss experience!) so it was a pretty cosy day all in all :)
Here she is sampling some cupcakes and giving herself a hot-chocolate monobrow.  We went on an impromptu visit to Cup on Byres Road, just the two of us, and got their trio of mini cupcakes to share.  So good!  Dulcie's enjoyment and her chocolate-covered face (which got MUCH worse than this) were much appreciated by the other customers.  She's like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde at the moment.  When she's on good form, she can charm the pants off anybody, she's so chatty and cheery and hilarious.  But when she's on bad form (i.e. when she's with me, or so it seems!) she is a whingy, whining nightmare, constantly pretending to cry and claiming all sorts of aches and pains.  "My legs are tired!  Nobody loves me!  My tummy hurts!  A snack would make me feel better..."  She's also quite naughty, definitely testing boundaries.  One of her favourite expressions of late, when we tell her not to do something, is to say, "But big girls like to!"  Cheeky madam.
 But yes, so funny too.  She and my dad have taken to wearing hankies on their heads for some reason.
This starry bodywarmer was a hand-me-down from my workmate Emma and Dulcie suddenly loves it and wants to wear it ALL THE TIME.  I got her another bodywarmer in a charity shop, which has also proved to be a big hit.  In the house, she sometimes wears nothing but a bodywarmer.  Well, what more could a girl need?  (Er, pants maybe?)  The crown in this picture was one she'd made at nursery that day and she was so proud of it.  30 minutes later, she tore it into little pieces.  Her destructive streak is something I don't understand at all.  I HATE breaking things.  She seems to love it.  I'm trying to teach her to take better care of things, but at the same time, if she wants to pull her crown to bits...

I might be back with this same post in short video format soon.  We've managed to capture a few songs and daft conversations lately that I'd love to share.  Two-going-on-three is such a great age :)

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