Tuesday, November 18, 2014

time-travelling tuesday (part 27 - the final instalment!)

18th July 1988
I stayed at home.  Lovely weather.  Very bored.

19th July 1988
Today Kerry and mum went to Aberdeen.  I stayed at home with dad, poor me.  I joined the library.  I got four books because that is the most you can have.  Flora Finlay and Linsay came to see us.  The weather was quite nice but it did rain.  Dad and I went down to see Gail and Peter.  Peter wasn't in.  Barney the dog and Gail were though.  Barney tried to get into the car with me to go home.

20th July 1988
Police academy five.

21st July 1988
Went to Aberdeen to see Scot and Angela.  We got Peter and Diane's wedding present today.

22nd July 1988
Kirk Caldich.

23rd July 1988
Finlay Flora Linsay
Tidied Bedroom
Martin Julia Gave Presents

24th July 1988
Our (Kerry and I) III cousins came to visit us.  They are from America.  They are Bob, Joanne and Vion (Vione) (Vionne)

And this anti-climax is where my notebook runs out of space, making this the last Time-Travelling Tuesday.  I hope you've enjoyed reliving my 1988 with me :)


  1. Aww, I will miss them! Being a similar age and from the same area, it was all quite nostalgic :)

    1. Me too! I wish I had more to share. I think I have laughed every week.

      P.S. We headed to Penny Black today to post parcels, eat cake and browse the shelves. It looks great! Good job!


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