Monday, December 22, 2014

from the sublime to the ridiculous

 My advent calendar from my sister this year has been amazing, maybe the best yet.  The last few days in particular really typify all that is great about advent calendaring.  A couple of days ago I opened my package to discover this beautiful foil covered cardboard box.
 Inside were lots of gorgeous old paper lanterns... well as a few really sweet individual decorations.  This one (belonging to someone called Melvyn originally - awww!) went down very well with Peter Rabbit-loving Dulcie, so I made sure to put it high up on the tree, well out of toddlers' reach!
Today's gift was less beautiful but equally pleasing - a skipping rope with handles made from old tubes of haemorrhoid cream!  Har! You can tell from the colour of the rope that someone has actually made good use of this in the past.  I intend to do the same!

(Apologies for the blurry photos - I am snapping and blogging on the move this week.  Better blurry photos than no photos, I hope you agree.)


  1. Those skipping ropes made me LOL so hard, I woke the dog.

  2. PS I'm doing day in the life on boxing day if you'd like to join in!

    1. I might, though I always find boxing day a tricky one to write about. Thanks for keeping me in the loop! :)


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