Monday, December 8, 2014

halloween 2014

Finally!  Here, for myself and for posterity, are the pictures from Halloween 2014.  This was the first year that Dulcie really got into it.  Fun times :)

You might remember that Dulcie and I were fighting over what she should wear.  I wanted to make a handmade cave girl costume, something she was quite keen on until she got pumpkins on the brain and was not to be budged.  A quick trip to Home Bargains later, the outfit was complete, or so I thought.  En route to the nursery party, Dulcie decided she'd rather be a pumpkin witch and nicked my hat (meaning I was just in everyday clothes with ridiculous stripy socks) to complete the look.
Here she is saying, "Ooooooooh!" which was almost all she said for pretty much all of October.  She spent a lot of time terrorising the cats too, chasing them while ooooohing at the top of her voice.
We spent the morning at the nursery party.  Once Dulcie got over the trauma of being taken to nursery on a non-nursery day (I had to drag her through the door kicking and screaming) she had a brilliant time.  Last year she was the first one out in every game.  This year she was a multiple winner and, in my biased opinion, busted some of the best dance moves too!  Here she is with her lovely nursery pal, Wolfie, who had come as Darth Vader.  Fortunately he'd taken his enormous mask off by this time and regained the power of sight.  I'd had to guide his hands throughout Pass The Pumpkin :)
We spent the afternoon at home making some Halloween treats.  Here's Dulcie doing her best Nosferatu impression with the Oreo spiders we made.  I got the idea from the BBC Good Food website.  You basically separate an Oreo, put some liquorice legs in the middle and stick it back together with some melted chocolate.  We also added some colourful icing eyes.  Not pictured, but we made worms in slime too, again from the BBC Good Food website.  We set sweetie worms in some lime jelly (leaving some of them dangling out the top of the cups) and crumbled chocolate biscuits on the top to create soil.  Both our snacks were a big hit at the party we went to in the evening.  The worms in slime even made my friend's 17-year-old son gag.  If that's not a Halloween success, I don't know what is!  Ha!
We spent the evening gatecrashing my friend's family Halloween.  Well, we were invited, to be honest, but we were the only non-blood relatives there so were honorary gatecrachers if you will.  We took the little ones out guising (just round a few houses) which Dulcie LOVED and spoke about for days and weeks afterwards.  Then we headed back to my friend's for pizza and homemade soup (so cosy) and, of course, dooking for apples.
Dulcie was a bit wary at first but ended up going back for a couple of shots.
With the help of a long stalk and my friend's lovely niece, she managed to bag a couple of apples :)

Aw, it was such a special day to spend with my little pumpkin. She had the outfit on from breakfast to bedtime and is still speaking about Halloween even now.  I know some people think Halloween is too much of an American import, but it's a great import if it is and I don't think we did anything that I wouldn't have done as a child in the early eighties.  Fun for everyone.  What's not to love?


  1. Aww, poor cats being chased!

    How lovely of your friend's niece to help Dulcie bag some apples.

    1. Those pesky cats deserve everything they get! :)

      My friend's niece is a big hit with Dulcie and with all of her younger cousins. She's sweet and pretty and just a little bit older than them all and they stick to her like magnets. She could make a fortune as a baby-sitter in a few years - a regular Mary Poppins/Maria!

  2. That sounds like a great Halloween! Dulcie's pumpkin outfit gives her the look of a San Francisco hippy and I really dig that. Man.

    1. Har! Must be the free-flowing trousers combined with the sensible shoes :)


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