Thursday, December 4, 2014

sewing stars

I've been doing quite a bit of Christmas-themed sewing while sat at home feeling like a one-foot-in-the-grave pensioner, some of which I can give you a sneak peek at and some of which I can't (yet!) for fear of ruining Christmas surprises.  I've been making these festive personalised stars for about the last decade for all the children I know, so I'm sure I won't really be ruining any surprises by sharing these now.  I made these six on Monday and am hoping I haven't forgotten anyone's children and that that's it for this year. I'm always a bit worried when I sew furiously that my hands will have a relapse, but the psychological damage these cause me is even worse than the physical pain, so I wanted to get them all done in a oner.  Phew!

You maybe can't quite see from these pictures, but the circles in the middle are filled with the recipients' names.  As I said a couple of posts ago, I always like to have something with my name on it and I think I loved it even more as a child.  I don't think any of the uniquely named children who will be getting these would find many high street items with their names on them, so hopefully that will make these that little bit more special still.  Dulcie, too, despite her name being traditional, won't find her name on many mass-produced items, but she has quite a few personalised items already that I made or that she was given by other creative friends.  I also bought a book (that she won't be old enough to appreciate for years yet) that my sister came across with a cat called Dulcie in it.  I figured that would be quite a rare thrill for Dulcie, but now I've stumbled across a whole series of books featuring a character called Dulcie Schwartz, an academic sleuth who's helped out by the ghost of her cat?  Let's hope she continues to love cats (and books about cats) as she gets older!

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