Saturday, December 13, 2014

real-life horaces and leos

 Yesterday, my friend Bernie and I had our official Christmas get-together with Dulcie and Bernie's youngest, six-month-old Scarlett.  We spent such a lovely afternoon in Glasgow city centre, soaking up the Christmas atmosphere while doing absolutely no Christmas shopping.  We ate pizza amid the lights and baubles in Princes Square, then went to Fraser's to enjoy more twinkly Christmasness from their always excellent decorations.  We followed this up with tea and cakes (in Cup) and a trip to George Square to see all the Christmas lights.  When we arrived there, Dulcie literally uttered the words, "I can't believe my eyes!"  She is so sweet and always impressed by the loveliest things.  As well as observing ice skating and people on the big chair-o-plane thingummy, Dulcie and I actually went on the merry-go-round since she was so excited to see a real-life "Horace".  We had to pay a rip-off £5.50 for the privilege, but it was worth it really - such a special few minutes!  I told Dulcie our horse was called Horace, but according to its nameplate it was actually Dancer.  This is an OK name for a merry-go-round horse, no?  But the horse next to us was genuinely called (wait for it) Darkie.  I was trying to communicate this to Bernie, who was waiting on the sidelines with Scarlett and the pram.  She responded, "Sparky, yes, that's nice."  I was shouting, "No, Darkie!"  Oh, dear...
Bernie, a born-and-bred Glaswegian, assured me it was both necessary and traditional for Glaswegian children to have their photo taken between the paws of the George Square lions.  Dulcie took some persuading, but once I acted out the part of a very friendly and non-threatening lion statue (honestly, my dramatic skills have increased 100-fold since I became a mother) she was good to go.  Classic photo and Dulcie was chuffed to bits.

If that afternoon didn't restore my Christmas mojo, I don't know what would.  Deck the halls etc! :)


  1. What a Christmassy day! Sounds perfect and also sounds like one that Dulcie will remember for a long time. Incidentally, I used to know a pony called Darkie - its name was quietly changed to Dandy in polite company.

    1. Ha ha! Maybe it's traditional then? I could have understood, perhaps, if the name referred to the merry-go-round horse's appearance in some way, but Darkie was gold and pink! :)


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