Monday, December 1, 2014

people who send mail for no good reason

That title sounds like a gripe, doesn't it?  No!  There are very few things in life that I love more than receiving surprise packages in the post and I've had a couple of beauties lately.  My work friend Emma kept forgetting to bring this book to work to give to me, so decided to post it instead.  I was very glad she did!  It's always exciting to find something with your name on it and this cover is so sweetly vintage.  I love it.  If I was a little braver I might turn this into a key holder, but I will probably add it to my lovely old book selection instead.
 Last week I received possibly the most exciting surprise package of all time.  My sister sent me something I'd been searching for for years - Jim Henson's The StoryTeller on a DVD that actually plays on my DVD player!  I really did squeal when I tore open the jiffy bag and saw this inside.  The timing was very good too since I've been off work feeling sorry for myself.  This has been great to keep me on the couch when I've been tempted to hoover or something crazy like that!  Ha!  I've watched five episodes so far and, despite looking understandably dated in picture quality/special effects, they are just as fantastic as I remembered.  Even my two favourite episodes (Hans My Hedgehog and The Soldier And Death) did not disappoint.  Hard to believe, but I think The Soldier And Death was EVEN BETTER than I had remembered and I had remembered it as the best thing I'd ever seen on TV.  Watching these, I can see why I grew up to love Hammer House Of Horror et al.
And not so unexpected or without reason but equally great, the traditional box of advent parcels, from my sister again.  I opened the first one this morning.  Ooh, I love this time of year.  My favourite thing about Christmas is the build-up and the advent calendar is a big part of that.  Kerry always does such a good presentation job, much better than I do in my advent calendar to her.  This year I recycled the sweet paper bags that my gifts from her came in last year.  Shoddy!  (But environmentally sound.)

Mail!  Yay!  I even get a bit excited when Amazon parcels and the like that I've ordered myself arrive.  I was sorely tempted to do another handmade Christmas decoration swap this year, but couldn't handle the feeling of harassing busy people again, so I resisted.  Maybe next year?

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