Wednesday, August 5, 2009

ahoi! (german for ahoy!)

Remember that gocco I blogged about a few posts back? Well, I did some research (faffed about on the internet, I mean) and found out the talented lady who made it lives in Berlin and has a Dawanda shop which she runs under the name of Smil. And look what I found in that shop! I LOVE this sailor cat so much I may actually have to break my not-spending-vow and buy this bag. I'll wait until I'm back from my holidays to give me a cooling off period... It's so great though! I pinched this picture straight from the shop which you can (and should) visit if you click here. There is also a Smil blog, also worth a visit.

In other news, I have made two sales in my shop! How exciting is that? Well, it's very exciting for me at least :) I fully expected not to sell anything for months and months so this has been a really nice and surprising start. Of course, I may not sell anything else for months/years/decades to come. But I'll always have the happy memories of my two sales... Hee hee!

And finally, our plumbing problem got worse before it got better (top tip: don't mess with plumbing when you have no idea what you're doing and have even been warned not to by someone who does know a bit...) but our friend, Alex, came round and fixed it for us. Yay! We've done so much washing today (washing machine, we missed you!) and now that the plumbing is sorted we've been able to make some progress with the rest of the cleaning and tidying. We even cleared out the cellar last night. It was dark and dirty and scary and... rat infested! Well, maybe... There were certainly rats in my mind!

I promise not to bore you with any more tales of domestic chores on here. I have got a little something I made to share with you but it will need to wait until tomorrow at least. And when I get back from my holidays (HOLIDA-A-A-A-YS!) I am going to do a tutorial to share how I made the embroidered trees on hessian a few posts back. Two people have asked me to and, in my internet life, those are massive numbers and not to be ignored!

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