Sunday, August 2, 2009

psst - look at this great gocco!

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Just popping by to share this fabulous gocco print I came by on flickr. I love it! I am wanting to gocco again and have two specific ideas in mind but, annoyingly, not any specific images. They're in my brain somewhere, I'm sure, but they're not coming out just yet. I had a half hearted "ideas seance" (a.k.a. an internet browse and a doodle) this evening but to no avail.

I've got cabin fever bad this week and am frustrated and doing a lot of sitting around, thinking about doing things but not really getting round to doing them. I think it was all the time I spent listing stuff in my shop. It's given me computer brain drain. Eugh. We are going on holiday this week (yippee!) and my mum and dad are going to holiday in Glasgow, staying in our flat while we're away. I'm trying to get the flat tidied and cleaned so that it will seem like a real holiday to them (and so that my mum won't be tempted to break out the cleaning products) but it's a bit of a one step forward and two steps back affair.

Graham moved his furniture from his old flat in today (his subletting days are over!) so there is stuff everywhere. He had a big Ikea wardrobe that wouldn't fit through the door so I was given the task of dismantling it out on the street while he went back to his old flat for the next load. Unfortunately, he took the tool box with him so I had to try to do the job with a just kitchen knife and a pair of tweezers. Ha! I ended up inside the wardrobe, kicking the back off it with brute force. One of my neighbours came out at just that moment and was rather surprised to find me in there! After much internet searching (most of which said the wardrobe could not be dismantled unless you used a hacksaw or a mallet) I finally found the secret and it came apart quite easily. Now we just have to get it, and all the other furniture, back together and then clean and tidy every square inch of the incredibly messy flat... By Thursday... Can we do it? Probably not, but I'll try!

And maybe once I have a clean and tidy home, my brain will see fit to give me access to all those half-formed ideas :)

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