Sunday, August 23, 2009

goodbye lighthouse?

spiral staircase in the lighthouse
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Did anyone see this in the papers today? Unless there is some sort of miracle at tomorrow's meeting, Glasgow's Lighthouse will be closing down this week! This would suck badly enough at the best of times (who else would have brought the Donna Wilson exhibition to town, to name but one reason?) but is extra bad news because I was all set to do a stall at a market there in September.

Sigh... This blog has gone down the pan a bit this last fortnight (I even lost a follower! I didn't even know that could happen!) what with being away etc. and I have been feeling a bit... er... poopy* which nobody wants to read about! Anyway, in an attempt to lift my spirits I applied for a stall at the next Made in the Shade market at the Lighthouse and, lo and behold, I only managed to get one! I was beyond excited - you have really never seen such a turn around in mood! I went into a frenzy of planning and making, designing new display methods, using masking tape to mark out the size of my pitch, coming up with new products galore... And now my dreams have been ripped from my tiny hands!

I expect the girls behind Made in the Shade are very resourceful so hopefully they come up with a fabulous plan b. Or, even better, maybe some wealthy individual with a healthy interest in design and architecture could step in and save the Lighthouse? Save the Lighthouse! (And save my stall! It was going to be the best yet!)

*I've just realised that sounds like I had diarrhoea but I only meant that I'd been a bit down in the dumps!


  1. Crikey! I missed that in my mental day today. How sad! And never fear, there will be plenty more opportunities for your stall. I am sure the MITS gals will have something else up their sleeves.

    Sorry to hear you are feeling poopy! I am still an avid follower of your blog :)

  2. Laura! I know how you feel about blogging at the moment, I'm in the process of getting back on the horse. Anyone to decide not to follow you any more is clearly a fool though! Feel better soon please! x

  3. Thanks, both :)

    I'm still in a grump about the lighthouse (what are the chances?!) but feeling a bit better and pretty confident that Made in the Shade will come up with a fabulous plan b if necessary. They seem to be taking a very proactive and positive response to it all. My stall will go on! Hooray!


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