Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thank you and goodnight!

I usually know when I really like something I've made because I get the urge to post twenty photographs all from slightly different angles. I'm working hard to limit myself to three pictures of these as I'm loving them rather a lot. I had been intending to get some sort of thank you postcard printed for anyone who bought something from my shop but my quick off the mark purchasers caught me unawares so I had to whip up some handmade thank you cards instead. These tiny notes are so much better than a postcard but could I really make one for every customer? Got to think of those profit margins, baby! It's not that so much, really, just that they are pretty labour intensive.
The little red riding hood is the made from shrinky plastic and is attached with strong double sided tape. Remember when I made them? I did not intend to use them like this at all and I still have another project in mind. I will do it one day! The red border is hand stitched (after punching the holes with a pin so that the card does not bend) and each and every letter was rubbed on from letraset. I hadn't used letraset for about twenty years and can thoroughly recommend it - it's very fun and very satisfying! At least my first two customers will know I appreciate them :) and I may make more if I haven't come up with a postcard design I like enough. Or maybe for the first ten customers? I'm not sure....
Anyhow, I will be away on holiday for the next nine days or so. I'm not going too far, just heading to Perthshire with Graham for some quiet times, whisky, swimming and wandering, not to mention going to the Highland Games in Aberfeldy again! Woo hoo! We are really looking forward to the whole holiday. I'm not going to be on the internet at all, I doubt, but I'm sure I'll share plenty of photos on here when I get back. Have a good week!


  1. these are really cute!
    They would be an awesome thank you (and SO thoughtful!) to get with a purchase but it is a lot of trouble to go to!

    + lol I do the same thing when photographing work I like!

  2. Thanks Claire! After being away for a while, I have decided I was mad to think of making these for ANY (let alone ALL) customers! Mind you, I still don't have an alternative... Hmmm...


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