Tuesday, August 18, 2009

holiday part one: the tent of crazy competitions

I promise this will be the most photo heavy (and obsessive type of) holiday post! As I said, one of the highlights of our holiday in Perthshire was to be the Highland Games and Agricultural Show in Aberfeldy, and one of the highlights of that is always the tent full of random competitions, mostly entered by members of the Women's Institute.
This children's miniature garden was the overall winner of its category. Yes, the miniature vegetable garden with its teeny tiny signs is adorable but I would have given the garden below...
... extra marks for originality and ingenuity because they used crisps to make the garden path! Ha! Oh well, I guess second prize is not to be sniffed at.

I couldn't work out what category this was....
... but it seemed to be creatures made of food stuffs!
This spiky potato won first prize. Was it a hedgehog or a spiky fish? I'm not sure but I know I like it!
This was the crochet toilet roll category, obviously.
This was the rather random garden party category which seemed like a lot of work - contestants had to make a fascinator, a shrug, an invitation, a menu and a floral arrangement! One competitor was heavily marked down for deviating from the given shrug specifications. Naughty naughty!
This was the hotly contested knitted 6 inch square!
The baking (including these oatcakes) looked delicious and was auctioned off for high prices at the end of the day. We just couldn't afford the coffee cake we really wanted...
Homemade lemonade. Mmmmm!
Lots of people entered the carrot and courgette soup contest but there was not one entry in the vol au vents category! Just a big empty gap on the table!
Some of the produce was pretty impressive, whether in its presentation (see potatoes above) or its stature (see marrows below).
It wasn't always easy to determine the judging criteria but it looks like size matters in the world of marrows!
Onions galore! Just because.

I'll be back with more holiday photos (including more - yes, more! - from the Highland Games) later.

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